Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applicant Survey

  • Why an applicant survey?

    Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) has surveyed applicants every year since 2013 in order to find out which sources of information they use when choosing a university and course of study, whether the information is well prepared and presented, what further information and advice is needed and why they have chosen LUH and their particular course. On the basis of the results of the applicant survey, it is intended that the range of information and advice on offer should be further optimised and adjusted to the information behaviour of the applicants.

    Subjects of the applicant survey

    The applicant survey covers the following aspects:

    • Information on the choice of study programme
    • Type of/state issuing the university entrance qualification
    • Place where the applicants obtained their previous degree (when applying for a Master’s)
    • Number of study programmes/ universities to which applications have been made
    • Reasons for applying to Leibniz University Hannover
    • Types of information and advice that were used
    • Evaluation of the information available
    • Desire for any further information and advice
  • What happens to the results of the study?

    The results of the applicant survey are provided yearly to the university management, the faculties and the central facilities. Evaluation at the level of individual courses will take place when at least 15 applicants have taken part and will be provided to the responsible dean’s office.

  • Can I see the results?

    The latest university-wide results can be found on the “survey results” page.

    If you are interested in differentiated results, please get in touch with the staff member responsible for the Applicant Survey:

    Agnieszka Dudzinska, M.A.
    Tel. 0511 - 762 - 19462

  • How secure is the program with which the survey is carried out?

    The online survey is carried out using EvaSys, a programme preferred by Leibniz University Hannover for surveys. All data entered into, sent within and exported from the EvaSys system is always transferred in encrypted form. You can find more details under data protection information.

  • Who can I talk to if I have further questions?

    For further questions or comments, you can talk to the ZQS/Quality Assurance’s contact for the Applicant Survey:

    Agnieszka Dudzinska, M.A.
    Tel. +49 511 762 19462