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Seminars with Credit Points

Seminars (© Christian Wyrwa / ZQS) Seminars (© Christian Wyrwa / ZQS) Seminars (© Christian Wyrwa / ZQS) © Christian Wyrwa / ZQS

Here you can find an overview of the seminars in which you can acquire credit points in the area of key competencies. You can search by topic or time of the seminar.


Seminars and Registration - Wintersemester 2020/21

Due to the actual situation in the context of the coronavirus our seminars will take place online. To take part in our online seminars you need a computer with a camera and a microphone as well as a headset and a stable internet connection.

A registration is possible between 01. and 14. October 2020 only via Stud.IP. In the following you can register for free spaces.

No office hours: If you need a certificate for one of our seminars, please contact us via email.


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Team Seminarprogramm