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Processes and Services

Processes and Services

Quality management at Leibniz University Hannover is understood as the interplay of centralised and decentralised actors and processes. Quality management on a subject level primarily takes place within the faculties but is also supported by various services offered on a central level, among others, by the Centre for Quality Enhancement in Teaching and Learning (ZQS). Regardless of the primary importance of the faculties in ensuring and developing the quality of study and teaching, central responsibility lies with the university board.


Profiles, working aids and guidelines describe the core processes in the area of study and teaching. Corresponding materials can be found on the (internal) information pages for academic deans and course planner.

Academic deans and course planner (internal only)


The actual “process” of teaching is supported through extensive services and offers of consultation and training for teachers and students with the aim of achieving high quality in study and teaching.

The various services and training and consultation offered to students are housed both within and across the faculties. These services are available even before the course starts, extend over all stages of study and also cover the period of transition between university and work.

In addition, there are extensive offers of training, professionalisation and support for teachers, which are provided above all by university teaching personnel development. An important component is the “Pro Lehre” project, which is especially targeted at those new to teaching. In addition, all teachers have access to the services of the Centre of Competence for University Teaching in Lower Saxony (KHN). External individual training is provided for professors where needed. This is supplemented by further offers, e.g., in the field of competence-oriented study programme development.

The services for students and lecturers are adjusted and developed with the aid of various instruments in the field of monitoring and evaluation.