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Framework Specifications

Framework Specifications

Overall specifications across the University in the design of teaching courses ensure unified and binding standards, despite high level of autonomy of the faculties.


In 2014, the Senate adopted model exam regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in which the previous regulations have been harmonised with regard to quality assurance. The regulations and supplementary provisions contain clear rules on responsibilities, on the modularisation of study programmes, on exams and examination procedures, on questions of recognition and on dissertations. The model exam regulations take into account external requirements of the state of Lower Saxony, the Conference of Culture Ministers and the Accreditation Council.

The model exam regulations, as well as the coordinated procedures and consultation processes in the adoption and amendment of regulations ensure that quality standards and binding overall specifications are upheld.

Department 6, subject area academic examination office and Department 2, subject area law, have special responsibility for consulting on the creation of regulations and checking their compatibility with university-wide framework specifications.

Model Exam Regulations of Leibniz University Hannover (internal only)


Recognition Further university-wide framework specifications relate to the recognition of study and exam performance and the accreditation of competencies gained in the course of work, which are regulated in each case by suitable guiding frameworks.

Information on recognition at Leibniz University Hannover


The goal of constant further internationalisation is firmly anchored in the guiding principles of Leibniz University Hannover and is expressed in the university-wide internationalisation strategy. This sets goals for internationalisation in study and teaching by, for example, offering courses taught in English, offering international study programmes and ensuring international mobility for students

Internationalisation Strategy at Leibniz University Hannover


With its equality and diversity management principles, Leibniz University has set goals to achieve equal conditions of access to university education and during the course of study for its increasingly heterogeneous student population.

Equal Opportunities Office at Leibniz University Hannover