15 Jan
15. Jan. 2022

12034: Effective Negotiation Skills

Jens Behrend, Trainer, Mediator and Coach / Commercial Manager


  • Saturday, 15th January 2022 | 09am–05pm

  • Saturday, 22nd January 2022 | 09am–05pm
  • Saturday, 29th January 2022 | 09am–05pm

* at the full hour

This face-to-face seminar takes place in English and on campus. The room is specified in Stud.IP.

Course Content:
We all negotiate on a daily basis – with our fellow students, colleagues, roommates, family, (business) partners and friends. Whether it is about the distribution of tasks in a study group, the negotiation of contracts with employers and sellers, vacation planning with the partner or the division of household duties in the shared apartment. When you are able to put yourself in the other party's shoes, you will more likely achieve a joint solution that satisfies both sides.

The purpose of this workshop is to highlight the importance of negotiations in the various areas of human interaction and to provide an understanding of the basic negotiation principles and strategies. Each participant has the opportunity to participate in negotiation simulations in order to practice and hone the negotiation strategies and skills.    

Learning Goals:

  • Preparation and execution of the negotiation process in a structured manner 
  • The main principles of a constructive negotiation
  • The phases of the negotiation process
  • Body language, active listening and question techniques
  • Proper handling of negotiation tricks, pressure and unfair negotiation tactics used by the other party
  • Understanding the interests, priorities and goals of all parties in order to create win-win situations
  • Application of the taught skills and strategies in practical negotiation role-plays

Study Performance:
Full attendance and active participation, involving in practical exercises and role play, reflecting of practical exercises, presenting of work results, completion of possible tasks between the course days.

On Stud.IP

If you need barrier-free access for this seminar, please contact us, as soon as you got a place in a seminar: seminare@zqs.uni-hannover.de

2 Credits

Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at Leibniz University Hannover

Further information regarding your course of studies on the website:

Interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree "Schulischer Schwerpunkt“, module key competencies
a) Start of studies before 01.10.2019: area B
b) Start of studies from 01.10.2019: no credit

Interdisciplinary Bachelor "Außerschulischer Schwerpunkt", module key competencies
area B

B.Sc. Technical Education, module key competencies
a) Start of studies before 01.10.2019: area B
b) Start of studies from 01.10.2019: area B


15. Jan. 2022


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