04 Sep
04. Sep. 2021

11061: Leadership Skills

Antonia Hemling


  • Saturday, 4th September 2021 | 09.00am–05.00pm

  • Saturday, 11th September 2021 | 09.00am–05.00pm
  • Saturday, 18th September 2021 | 09.00am–05.00pm        

* at the full hour

This seminar takes place in English and online via BigBlueButton in Stud.IP.

Course Content:
Leadership today requires a wide range of skills and abilities. This online-workshop will provide students with an understanding of modern leadership techniques and allow them to develop their own leadership potential.

The workshop will be conducted in three sessions and take an interactive approach, emphasising group work. They will be built around three main headings:

  • Leading Teams: This session will establish an overview of leadership styles. It will also provide the necessary tools to put together effective teams and understand different team roles and functions in order to prepare students to lead teams of varying configurations.
  • Leading Subordinates: Leadership in modern work environments increasingly takes on roles of mentoring, coaching and empowerment. This session will provide students with the necessary tools and knowledge to fill these important functions. This will include communication and effective feedback techniques as well as developing methods for creating gender equality as well as intercultural equality.
  • Leading Change: Leadership in situations of uncertainty as well as short-term projects aimed at adapting to changing external circumstances necessitates a particular set of skills. The third session will draw on the knowledge gained previously and broaden the scope to the challenges of change management. This will be introduced in depth before encouraging students to apply their new expertise independently.

Learning Goals:
The workshop aims to provide an understanding of leadership techniques and how to apply them. Key concepts include: Teambuilding, communication, feedback, coaching and mentoring, talent development, establishing a leadership vision and leading by example.

Study Performance:
Full attendance and active participation, independent involvement in exercises, reflecting on exercises and seminar content, presentation of work results, completion of possible tasks, independent preparation of content and materials (also between the course days).

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2 Credits


Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at Leibniz University Hannover
Further information regarding your course of studies on the website:

Interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree "Schulischer Schwerpunkt“, module key competencies
a) Start of studies before 01.10.2019: area B
b) Start of studies from 01.10.2019: no credit

Interdisciplinary Bachelor "Außerschulischer Schwerpunkt", module key competencies
area B

B.Sc. Technical Education, module key competencies
a) Start of studies before 01.10.2019: area C
b) Start of studies from 01.10.2019: area C general


04. Sep. 2021


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