Company contacts

Ask someone who knows

Company contacts (© Jana Schäfer / ZQS) Company contacts (© Jana Schäfer / ZQS) Company contacts (© Jana Schäfer / ZQS) © Jana Schäfer / ZQS

We offer students of all disciplines in various events the opportunity to get in touch with employers and to ask questions regarding the transition into employment and the application process.

Enter now: trainee-jobs, working student jobs and transition into employment at central job board of Leibniz Universität Hanover

Individual Advice

Support on career guidance and setting goals, application documents and interviews, contact with employers and job search strategies.

Project work and practical experiences in companies

Develop creative solutions together for projects - directly in the company
Projects in company settings for Bachelor's and Master's students in engineering and natural sciences    
Professional orientation, basic economics courses, key competencies and internship for students in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Planned Events with Companies

Switching to online formats

Teaching activities at Leibniz University in summer semester 2020 will take place online. Therefore we are working intensively to provide as many seminars and workshops as possible in online formats. We will keep you updated on this website as soon as new information on the concrete programme is available.