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Orientation, qualification, application: With our skills training programme 'Mit Leibniz in den Beruf' students in the Humanities and Social Sciences faculties can find career orientation while they are still studying for their degree and can prepare for entry into their profession.

This successful skills training programme has been running for 20 years now and – with good contacts to employers and experienced lecturers – and is known far beyond the boundaries of the university.

Mit Leibniz in den Beruf is offered only in German language. You will find further information on the course dates and application procedure on the German version of this website.

Film on 20 years of 'Mit Leibniz in den Beruf'

Goals and Structure of the Programme

  • Goals and target group

    Traditional job profiles are changing, new career paths and professional opportunities are being created – the job market is dynamic and complex.

    In particular for of Humanities and Social Sciences graduates, it is seldom the case that there is a clearly mapped out career path or profession. The programme Get started in your career with Leibniz – a business point of view provides support in developing more definite career perspectives, acquiring solid business knowledge and gaining cross-curricular social skills and methodological skills.

    Equip yourself with a skills mix that will go down well in business! Whether it's TUI, Continental or VW – the programme is well known in the personnel departments of all the large companies in the region. In these companies, and of course also in smaller or trans-regional companies, the participants in our programme have good chances of being able to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

    Through participation in the programme, which is completed in parallel to your degree, you will stand out from the crowd with your high level of motivation and will satisfy important prerequisites for a job in the business sector.

    Target group

    Both Bachelor's students from the 3rd semester onwards and Master's students in the Humanities and Social Sciences may take part in Get started in your career with Leibniz. The programme is conducted in a fixed group of max. 25 participants.

  • Content and structure of the programme

    Participants in Get started in your career with Leibniz have the opportunity

    • to find professional orientation and develop definite career perspectives,
    • to acquire basic business knowledge and key skills relevant to their future profession,
    • to gain important practical experience in a two-month internship in Germany or abroad.

    The one-semester programme is integrated into the course structure and has been designed to fit in with the day-to-day routine at the university. Face-to-face teaching is alternated with phases of independent study and reflection. As well as a number of mandatory courses, you also select further courses which will depend on your particular areas of interest. The Get started in your career with Leibniz team are available to give you advice and support in each phase of the programme.

    The first milestone: who am I and what do I want to achieve?

    Taking a good look at yourself is the key starting point in the development of career perspectives. What are my wishes, my dreams, my interests, and what skills do I have?

    In the introductory weekend, participants are given professional guidance to determine their own personal position and analyse their potential. As part of the programme, students also attend two talks in the Careers Information Centre (BIZ) at the Federal Employment Agency. Speakers from various different fields give the participants an insight into the key tasks and everyday life in a range of professions.

    Business courses and training courses

    Combination of mandatory (m) and optional (o)

    Business courses:

    • Basics of Business Administration (m)
    • Methods of project management (m)    
    • Personnel management (o) 
    • PR/Public Relations (o)          
    • Marketing (o)  
    • Consulting (o)  

    Training courses:

    • Coaching in job applications & presentation skills (m)
    • Teamwork and conflict in the team (o)
    • Intercultural communication (o)
    • English workshop (o)
    • Analysis of potential (o)
    • Assessment centre training (o)

    And last but not least – actual practice

    After attending the business courses and training courses, the focus shifts to applying your new knowledge. The programme includes an internship of at least eight weeks in a commercial enterprise. Afterwards, the participants reflect on the experience they have gained in an internship report.


Dipl.-Soz.Wiss. Ulrike Hönemann
Callinstraße 14
30167 Hannover
Dipl.-Soz.Wiss. Ulrike Hönemann
Callinstraße 14
30167 Hannover
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