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Self-Analysis: Identifying your Potentials (for international students)
28 Jun
28. Jun. 2021

Self-Analysis: Identifying your Potentials (for international students)


  • Monday, 28th June 2021 | 04pm-06pm (at the full hour)

Language and format:
This workshop takes place in English and online via BigBlueButton in Stud.IP.

No credit points can be credited for this workshop.

Tina Patel 

Course Content:
Before anyone else can discover you for a job position, you need to first discover your own strengths, skills and interests.

By identifying your personal competences and what is of importance to you, the chances of finding the job that fits you become greater. Moreover, by reflecting on what you bring to the job, you can be more confident during the interview process.Through guided questions and discussion in the workshop you can learn more about yourself and future goals so that you can best align it with your career path.

If you need barrier-free access, please contact us (, as soon as you get a place in a seminar.



28. Jun. 2021


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