19 Feb
19. Feb. 2024

16028: Communication the English Way

Tina Patel, Trainer & Coach


  • Monday, 19th February 2024 | 9am–5pm
  • Tuesday, 20th February 2024 | 9am–5pm
  • Wednesday, 21th February 2024 | 9am–5pm

(at the full hour)

This face-to-face seminar takes place in English and on campus. The room is specified in Stud.IP.


Course Content:
What is communication? How do we get a message or information across in an effective way? How can we avoid misunderstandings?

In this seminar we look at the different forms of verbal and written communication.

The main topics include: Interpersonal skills; Individual & Group Communication; Receiving, Accepting, and Giving (positive & negative) Feedback; Persuading & Negotiating, Follow up and Thank you emails; Conflict Resolution.

The seminar is carried out in English; therefore, a good level of English is necessary to understand the topics.

Learning Goals:
Learning focus is how to communicate, in English, in different social and professional situations.

Study Performance:
Regular active participation and involvement in practical exercises and discussions. Reflection and feedback on topics and personal experiences. Presentation of research topics and group work. Completion of possible tasks between the course days. Implement newly acquired knowledge instantly and gain confidence in speaking English effectively.  


  • on Stud.IP

If you need barrier-free access, please contact us
(seminare@zqs.uni-hannover.de), as soon as you get a place in a seminar.

2 Credits


Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at Leibniz University of Hanover
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19. Feb. 2024


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