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16025: Intercultural Competence – Communication in Intercultural Settings
08 Feb
08. Feb. 2024

16025: Intercultural Competence – Communication in Intercultural Settings

Tina Patel, Trainer & Coach


  • Thursday, 08th February 2024 | 9am–5pm
  • Friday, 09th February 2024 | 9am–5pm
  • Saturday, 10th February 2024 | 9am–5pm

(at the full hour)

This face-to-face seminar takes place in English and on campus. The room is specified in Stud.IP.


Course Content:
The need for intercultural competence is greater than ever before. People from different countries study and work together and sometimes due to cultural differences we encounter misunderstandings and conflicts. The goal of the seminar is to identify cultural barriers, understand them and use them as a chance for successful cooperation. The format of the seminar is interactive, with hands-on exercises to optimize the learning.

This seminar is for both German (local) and international students. This diversity offers a great opportunity for a healthy exchange and reflection. International students benefit from receiving tips for a successful stay in Germany and German students can better prepare for a stay abroad.

Please note: You don’t have to be perfect in English for this seminar, but you should have an interest in other countries and cultures and an open mind.

Learning Goals:
This seminar will help you:

  • Become aware of cultural differences and its impact on communication in business and everyday life.
  • Learn about verbal and nonverbal communication styles in different cultures.
  • Identify potential conflicts in intercultural settings.
  • Develop strategies to deal with problems and gain new perspectives

Study Performance:
Regular attendance and active participation, involving in practical exercises, reflecting on practical exercises, presenting of work results, completion of possible tasks between the course days, seminar language is English.


  • on Stud.IP

If you need barrier-free access, please contact us
(, as soon as you get a place in a seminar.

2 Credits


Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at Leibniz University of Hanover
Further information regarding your course of studies on the website:

Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree:
applicable to Area B of key competencies (scholastic focus)

Bachelor’s in Technical Education:
applicable to Area C of key competencies


08. Feb. 2024


Präsenz, Raumangabe in Stud.IP