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15001: Managing Projects – Introduction to Project Management
22 Apr
22. Apr. 2023

15001: Managing Projects – Introduction to Project Management

Antonia Hemling


  • Saturday, 22nd April 2023 | 9am–5pm
  • Saturday, 29th April 2023 | 9am–5pm
  • Saturday, 6th May 2023 | 9am–5pm

* at the full hour

This face-to-face seminar takes place in English and on campus. The room is specified in Stud.IP.


Course Content:
This introductory online-workshop aims to provide students with a selection of accessible tools to effectively plan and successfully execute projects from beginning to end. After providing a step by step overview, students will apply the discussed methods directly in a group work format.

Topics will include:

  • Defining project objectives, scope and deliverables
  • Managing project sponsor relationships
  • Identifying tasks using a work breakdown structure
  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Assembling teams and assigning tasks
  • Leading teams
  • Scheduling and managing time
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Conducting meetings
  • Project reports
  • Exiting projects

Learning Goals:
Students will gain an understanding of the key terms and concepts of project management. The workshop will also address transferable project management soft skills including team selection and motivation, leadership, communication and presentation techniques.


Study Performance:
Regular attendance and active participation, involving in practical exercises, reflecting on practical exercises, presenting of work results, completion of possible tasks between the course days, seminar language is English.


If you need barrier-free access, please contact us (, as soon as you got a place in a seminar.

2 Credits

Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at Leibniz University of Hanover

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22. Apr. 2023


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