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10073: Power of Storytelling in the Intercultural Communication
08 Feb
08. Feb. 2021

10073: Power of Storytelling in the Intercultural Communication

Joanna Sell, M.A., Intercultural Trainer and Coach


  • Monday, 08th February 2021 | 09am–05pm
  • Tuesday, 09th February 2021 | 09am–05pm
  • Wednesday, 10th February 2021 | 09am–05pm

* at the full hour

This seminar takes place in English and online via BigBlueButton in Stud.IP.

Course Content:
For centuries, we have exchanged stories to transmit knowledge and experience. These stories never belonged to the tellers but were dependent on shared narrative sources and, therefore, understood in certain cultural circles. When these stories were deciphered by "newcomers", they worked like a door opener, enabling access to new thinking patterns and value systems. Once upon a time – that is, about 70 years ago in the USA, American scholar Joseph Campbell pointed out similarities in narratives worldwide in his book "The hero with a thousand faces." This approach showed what an important role storytelling has played in all cultures throughout the centuries and how the stories were constructed according to the same scheme without the knowledge that such a "universal scenario" exists. Intercultural communication is a balance act between searching for similarities and realizing differences. When we define culture "as a set of stories that we enter" (Bruner 1990), we immediately realize the importance of storytelling in this process.

We are going to explore how the narrative perspective has been applied in different contexts, with emphasis on the intercultural exchange:

  • in films
  • in commercials and marketing
  • in public relations
  • in change management
  • in adult education
  • in cultural projects, such as exhibitions

Come to explore new possibilities on how you can reach people with storytelling. The focus is on:

  • intercultural storytelling in the intercultural communication
  • visual storytelling
  • interactive storytelling and co-creating stories
  • the hero’s journey in changes processes


Learning Goals:
Getting to know the power of the narrative perspective and various storytelling methods, sharing stories and best practicies in the intercultural communication, re-authoring narratives of identity.

Study Performance:
Full attendance and active participation, independent involvement in exercises, reflecting on exercises and seminar content, presentation of work results, completion of possible tasks, independent preparation of content and materials (also between the course days).

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2 Credits

Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at Leibniz University Hannover

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08. Feb. 2021


via BigBlueButton in Stud.IP